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COVID-19 Update: How We Will Help You Get More Reservations?

Guests are demanding a fully sanitized home and want to know that your unit is safe and disinfected. Airbnb.com released guidelines for sanitization of the rental units, and your cleaners are fully aware of these industry expectations. Remember – the cleaners bring necessary cleaning supplies with them 🙂 Below are some high-touch areas that you can have your cleaner can sanitize.
















Outside of Appliances

What does your Airbnb cleaning checklist include?

We send our professional cleaners who have vacation rental cleaning experience. While you set your own standard with your cleaner, below is what most cleaners typically do as part of a vacation rental turnover

Make bed w/fresh linens

Laundry : Wash linens and towels


Sweep and Mop Floors


Vacuum Carpet and Rugs




Clean Mirrors


Clean Toilets


Empty Inside Trash and Place in


Stove Cleaning


Bathtubs/ Showers


Fridge Cleaning


Wipe Countertops


Wash, Dry, Put Away Dishes


What You Get

The Best vetted cleaners in New Zealand, experienced in Airbnb/VRBO turnover cleaning as well as property manager cleaning. Never a ‘No-Show’ Guarantee – you will NEVER have a flaked vacation rental cleaning!
Free hugs (upon request)!

What You DO NOT Get

You do not get an over-the-top heavy detail service each time. You want an affordable VRBO/Airbnb and property management cleaning near you designed to make guests happy, NOT an extensive detailed service that will cost a ton and eat away at your bottom line. General cleaning doesn’t include cleaning of air vents, baseboard detailing, cleaning under heavy furniture, detail blinds wiping, and removing dust on the top of the doors every single time (although you can request a deep cleaning for this!).

You do NOT get to deal with flaked cleanings, bad attitudes, and general headaches! We got you covered. 😉


Frequently Asked Questions

Airbnb and VRBO hosts and property managers in Los Angeles need to keep their rentals spotless in order to appeal to guests, get more bookings, and receive better reviews. This is achieved with turnover cleaning, which prepares the property for the arrival of new guests. While some owners do these tasks on their own, most prefer facilitating the process by booking an efficient VRBO or Airbnb cleaning service, like us.

Experts in vacation rental/VRBO cleaning in New Zealand typically perform essential tasks, like:

  • Dusting
  • Taking out the trash
  • Changing linen
  • Vacuuming and mopping the floors
  • Taking care of bathroom and kitchen surfaces, and more

Because New Zealand is such a tourist destination, it’s important to have access to excellent vacation rental/VRBO cleaning services to facilitate your turnover process. Here’s what to look for in your company:

  • Years of experience
  • Skilled and screened technicians
  • Hassle-free booking process
  • Comprehensive checklists
  • Competitive prices, etc.

It’s impossible to determine the exact price of your vacation rental cleaning service without knowing several key facts. For example, the cost will depend on:

  • The square footage of the space
  • The checklist you choose
  • The condition the property is in

You can contact us to learn more. After you let us know more about your unique needs, we’ll provide you with a free-of-charge price estimate.

In general, property managers should book professional cleaning services based on the needs of the property. This includes taking into account the number of tenants, the turnover rate, and any special circumstances. In general, it is recommended that properties be cleaned at least once a month. However, some properties may need to be cleaned more often, depending on the individual needs of tenants.

Property management includes a wide range of responsibilities, and cleaning is an important part of keeping a property in good condition. Not only does regular cleaning help to ensure the health and safety of tenants, but it also helps to maintain the value of the property. In order to keep tenants happy and attract new ones, it is important to have a clean rental unit.

We provide dependable VRBO, Airbnb, and property management cleaning near you across Waikato. We have a team of trained, vetted, and background-checked technicians to ensure your peace of mind. They’ll use time-tested methods and quality supplies to prepare your rental for the next round of guests.

With the help of us, your turnover process will be streamlined and enhanced. You’ll attract guests and earn more while not having to spend time doing chores yourself.

Guaranteed Quality


We are a reliable and consistent Kiwi cleaning company that you can count on time and time again. Our services all come with our Worry-Free Guarantee. In other words, if you aren’t completely satisfied, we want to know so we can make it right, promptly – at no additional charge to you.

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